Hip Weekend for Adults in Kallio, Helsinki

Every once in a while we get a chance to spend the weekend without the kids. Weekend is enough to travel to Stockholm, Tallinn or Saint Petersburg. But as we’re quite busy at home – doing laundry, picking up toys and acting as waiters – I thought that a weekend of rest would be the best choice. So I asked for advice from a friend working at hotel marketing and got an excellent recommendation: Hotel Scandic Paasi in Siltasaari, Helsinki.

As Paasi is located in the eastern part of the city I thought that that would be the theme for the entire weekend. We would spend all the time in Kallio. As Kallio is as far as 6 kilometers from our home, I turned to a specialist again. My local trendy friend wrote a six point list of the best bars for us. And indeed – they were so good that we only managed to visit three! (+2 places of our own choice)

But here it comes! Basically, Kallio is more relaxed and cheaper than the centre, so no need to dress up, just enjoy!


Sandro is my new favourite spot to eat & drink in Kallio. We went here twice. Moroccan food, enough to make you too full, nice drinks, relaxed music. They also serve a great brunch.


If you’re hungry during the lunch time, try Lemon Grass – a thai place across the street from Sandro.


Musta Kissa, a relaxing spot to have a chat over a glass of house wine or a beer. If you decide to stay in Paasi, this is very close too.

Sivukirjasto is great for a day-time drink when wandering around the streets of Kallio. We went in October, but were still able to have our drinks at the sunny tables outside.

Pulmu, an aeroplane-like bar for the young and trendy + for old & funloving. We were cheerfully wished ”Good night” by the other customers when we left the place (to sleep) at 11pm.


During the days we just walked around, did a little shopping, watched the beautiful people around, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I definitely recommend a weekend in Kallio for everyone who enjoys city-life, good food, friendly people and nice bars. To make it more exotic (no matter if you come from far or close), visit a public sauna.

+++ GO FOR IT, book flights now.



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