Holiday Club Saimaa – resort life at the east border

After almost a year of pondering where the celebrate a grand birthday party with extended family – grandparents, cousins etc we finally ended up in Holiday Club Saimaa, next to Imatra. The place was chosen, because it seemed like a paradise for our kids and their cousins, ages varying from 1 to 5. The place has a spa and Angry Birds activity park. This was more than enough for kids’ so young – in fact just playing together in the house we rented would have been enough.

We rented a house for a weekend in the area, so all 10 of us could live in the same place. Practical and economical choice. It would be even cheaper, if you’d go listen to some kind of marketing speech for renting the apartments more permanently. We skipped that even though there would have been free babysitting (in a quite nice kids’ room) during the two-hour show.

What comes to eating with 4 small kids, we had breakfast at the hotel, but otherwise we brought our own dishes that were easy to prepare onsite.

During one exhausting day we managed to spend hours in the spa, visit the Angry Birds activity park, get some fresh air in between and finally visit the spa again in the night.

The spa was weirdly dark. When occasionally looking after three kids, I wished they had wore pink swimming caps… But it had a great area for really small kids and a kids’ sauna with cartoons, so we were happy with the visit.

Maybe it was the darkness that made us think that it’d be nice to visit the spa again after the kids had gone to bed. So we let all the kids with their grandparents and sneaked back to the spa at 8 pm. MISTAKE. The place was like wild west with people jumping around and having beer, all the floors were messy, trash cans full, shampoo bottles empty etc. Not a relaxing night. Luckily we could run back to our house and put some logs in the fireplace. But maybe this is all different if you go there in a week night.

Angry Birds activity park was pretty nice. Very similar to other inside playgrounds, but with the birds figures and everything shining new. The pricing policy was pretty cruel though: I prefer the kind of places that charge only for kids and let adults come look after them for free.

KuvaTough job to crawl after a one-year-old in the Angry Birds activity park for three hours!

All in all – a great weekend for the kids. And some relaxing moments even for the parents.

++ Why not?


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