Easter in the Lakeus

Seinäjoki in western Finland starts to be a familiar town to me, but still spending Easter there is quite exotic. Especially this time, when we managed to combine a night out for adults to a perfect Easter Saturday for kids.

On Friday night we checked in at Hotelli Lakeus. After watching hours Jerusalem 24 (perfect way to spend Good Friday!) we finally got up and found ourselves at legendary Seinäjoki bars. To start the night in a classic provincial style we had dinner at Amarillo (the same choice has been made in Joensuu, Vaasa and Jyväskylä for years already). Then we went to see the most positive person in Seinäjoki and all Finland at Bar 15 that is owned by this great person. Unfortunately he just sold the place and this was therefore our farewell visit. Quite surprisingly the metal band also sounded pretty good. Still it was probably too loud for my middle aged husband and we continued to Still Standing bar. This reggaeish spot has a liberal vibe, but I still heard from the neighbouring table some laughter at a person for living in Helsinki and bring therefore called hurri. No prob, I’m not at all afraid to move in this city known for fights with knives… From the windows of this Bar you can see the famous church, Lakeuden risti.

Stepping down to Bar 15.

Stepping down to Bar 15.

Some local metal band.

Some local metal band.


The night in Hotelli Lakeus was really comfortable and staff friendly and helpful. We didn’t have the kids with us, but at breakfast there was a nice kids spot with a lot of toys and also a small kids table with some special foods for them.

Kids’ Easter in Seinäjoki

But what is really great for the kids in Easter here in western Finland is the tradition of witches. First in the morning our kids decorated some sticks (vitsa) to be able to go around in neighbouring houses to virpoa people. Ie they dress as witches, say a little poem, and get candy in return. This is done because Jesus died on Friday and on Saturday the witches can do whatever. The same continues later in the evening when large bonfires are made to keep the witches away. Needless to say that they can also be used for a little barbeque with friends. All this is topped by a hunt for easter eggs. And contrary to almost all other celebrations in Finland, no alcohol is included. Pretty much a perfect day for kids. Olga made me promise that we’ll spend Easter here next year as well.

Olga with her witch costume and vitsas.

Olga with her witch costume and vitsas that she decorated with her own drawings. A week before at home she used Christmas balls and serpentine for decorations. God thing that we were too lazy to instruct her – there was room for creativity.



Olga had three sausages... and a lot of water later in the night.

Olga had three sausages… and a lot of water later in the night.

Easter egg nest found!

Easter egg nest found!

Lapua church on our way back.

Nurmoo church on our way back.












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